Installing CrossDresser

  1. Visit the CrossDresser homepage and download the free updater program.
  2. Unzip and run the updater installer and follow the on-screen instructions.
    CrossDresser Updater Installer
  3. When prompted, install the Visual Studio 2010 Runtime.
    Visual C++ Runtime Installer
  4. If you already have the runtime installed, you will instead be prompted to "Repair" or "Remove" it. Either Repair it, or cancel the runtime installer.
    Visual C++ Runtime Installer
  5. When the updater runs, click next on the components screen.
    CrossDresser Updater Step 1
  6. Choose the figures you want to install from the figure lists. Each figure can take a while to download, so only install the figures you need right now. You can always run the installer again later to install more figures.
    CrossDresser Updater Step 2
  7. When the downloads are finished, run the XD 4.exe program to start CrossDresser. CrossDresser Updater Step 3